As promised today I’m finally sharing some of my favorite NY spots with you: an insight into the stories behind the pictures that I’ve already shared with you on Instagram. Don’t expect this post to be based on extensive research – It’s rather a very subjective post about all the little things I’ve experienced during NYFW craziness that made me fall in love with this city 100%.  One thing I can tell you in advance: you will find a lot of avocado toast recommendations in here! 😉 xx Leonie




When looking for fun lunch places I stumbled upon By Chloé again and again. I was planning on going there during Fashion Week in autumn but there was no time left. When I met my friend Tamara on a rainy day, we spontaneously decided to try this place. When getting in we first were undecided whether we should really stay since By Chloe was packed with people. Also, they serve to go and it first reminded us too much of a fast food restaurant. Luckily, I quickly found a free spot next to the window and when we got our meal that consisted of a vegan burger, avocado toast, sweet potato fries and a yummy cookie we immediately understood all the fuss about this place. It was probably the best vegan food I had ever had and even Alex, who normally eats meat 24/7, loooooved the food. He even took me to By Chloé a second time!

Tip: Take the avocado toast and skip the sweet potato fries (they are not so crunchy) and don’t forget to try the pink ketchup!



Have you ever had a meal at a restaurant that was so amazing that you cannot help but go directly to the owner and tell him again and again that his is the best food EVER? Well, Little Collins is that kind of spot! When looking for a yummy brunch spot in the heart of Manhattan, I was lucky enough to find Little Collins. The place is tiny and most people take their breakfast to go. We had avocado toast, toasted banana bread with ricotta and berries and a berry and coconut toast. The value for money was amazing and both the avocado toast and the toasted banana bread were so good, my mouth waters just thinking about it!

Tip: Bring a little time to get a free seat and don’t get frustrated when the place seems so be packed – No one can blame all these people for wanting such an amazing breakfast! The place is also close to soo many touristy spots and, therefore, it really is a must!



When it gets minus 10 degrees in NY you will probably want to find as many good café spots as possible. After I’ve bumped into Chalait again and again while looking for a place to get warm, I had to give it a try. Chalait is tiny and offers only a very limited amount of meals. But if you want a good cappuccino or a hip matcha – Chalait is the hip place you can get all of these.

Tip: just drop by for a coffee and a quick chat with your friends and afterwards hit another fun place around the area for a good meal.



You cannot watch a series about NY without seeing at least one scene which takes place on the states island ferry. As a SATC fan I still have the picture in my head of Carrie and her friends taking the ferry to go to a hot fireman competition at Staten Island. By now I’ve taken the trip three times and I would always do it again. The Staten Island ferry is for free and offers you both the most amazing view on the New York Skyline and a close-up of the Statue of Liberty. The one-way ride takes you about 25 minutes and it’s worth every second of it.

Tip: Take the ferry in the afternoon before the sun sets. You will have amazing light on your way to Staten Island and some pretty views on the skyline in the dark on your way back. Bring your own food – You can buy everything at the big Manhattan station – As the food on the ferry is just not that nice! Still, having some nice snacks while sitting there passing by the Statue of Liberty is just a nice thing you wouldn’t want to miss.



The Hotel The Standard is a very well-known hotel in New York which I’d always bumped into before. There is this App called “One night standard” which offers good last minute deals for your one day stay. Alex and I visited the bar at The Standard during our first New York Fashion Week and it was such an entertaining experience. The bar had a whirlpool (just to warn you ;)) and offers some rooftop views over New York City. This time we were invited to stay for two nights and I loved the rooms and the gym (not that I made use of it ;)) for the stunning views.

Tip: Make sure to ask for a room on a higher level as you don’t want to miss the view. If you are going in winter you can also enjoy the ice skating ring. Even Kim Kardashian took Noa for a skate.



When breakfast is included, I would never ever miss the chance to try The Standard Grille!:) It offers almost everything you want to try when having breakfast in America – Pancakes, avocado toast etc. but the prices are way higher than at little Collins or by Chloe.

Tip: If you go here make sure to look for a table in the nice and bright room which is a bit hidden! 🙂




When doing some shopping in midtown, you cannot miss the big Sprinkles shop. The shop has a bigwindow and a pink wall next to it that has the most American gadget ever: A cupcake atm. First I just wanted to pass by but it was impossible not to stop and swipe my card. The atm played a fun Sprinkles tune (it was stuck in my head for the rest of the day) and when ordering a cupcake, you saw the life video of how the cupcake was placed into its little box. The sound of a cupcake ATM doesn`t sound very fresh at first, but it is actually connected to the shop and they will serve you a fresh cupcake.

Tip: Listen to your inner child and give it a try – It’s totally worth 4,50 $! 🙂



Connecting Manhattan and Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Bridge is not only a helpful asset to the transportation network, it is also a place you don’t want to miss as a tourist. When you have some extra time you should take the pedestrian walkway over to Williamsburg. You will have many beautiful and unforgettable views.

Tip: The tip that applies for all good view points – Arriving shortly before sunset allows you to enjoy the view in the light and the dark.



Everyone knows one thing to do when in New York is a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge. While I definitenly agree I would like to add something to the agenda: a stroll over the Manhattan Bridge. If you aren’t detered  by the trains to Brooklyn rattling by just a meter next to you, you are rewarded by an amazing view on Downtown and the Brooklyn Bridge (once more: something you cannot see when standing right on it). And the best part is: you have the view nearly all to yourself!



For your daily dose of avocado toast you can also check for a blue stone coffee shop nearby. There is at least one big blue stone restaurant and a couple of smaller ones, which are good for take-away. I had an avocado toast to go one my last day, as time was very limited and I knew I wouldn’t make it to the airport without one last good bite!

Tip: You can pimp you avocado toast – I had some feta and Alex had some brouchet eggs and chili powder and it was worth trying.


As my apartment in midtown was my personal highlight of my last trip, I had to include it in this review. Find out more about it: here.



No matter whether you want to bring some love to your Instagram account or add a little American sparkle to your touristy New York pictures, you have to stop by a love wall. Yes, there are several of these walls! The first love wall I ever spotted was the one next to the “Two Hands” restaurant. On my way to meeting two blogger friends I accidentally walked right into this colorful painting.

Next to the “Little Bakery” in Soho there is not only one but two love walls: a black one with red hearts you sure want to pose in front of for a new profile pic and another colorful one which has l-o-v-e written all over it in big letters!



There are lots of nice cupcake places in NY. Two years ago I was flying to NY on my own (well, there is kind of a long story behind that :D) and I went on the SATC tour. I was wearing a tutu even though it was -10 degrees and they showed us epic scenes on a screen while driving to the different locations. After watching the scene where Mr. Big doesn’t show up at the wedding I had to dry my tears (obviously not kidding) and we went to the Magnolia Bakery. I had a cupcake and I was told it’s a must when in NY. This time I had two yummy cupcakes at Little Bakery which is not only a nice little place, but also placed in such a nice neighborhood.

Tip: Visit Little Bakery for some yummy cupcakes and stop by at one of the love walls to take a fun picture afterwards.




I might be the only person who is totally obsessed with Plum Syke`s novel “Park Avenue Princesses”. For all of you who are not: the book is mostly about super-rich Manhattan societies and about 99,9% of the book takes place at Bergdorf. Bergdorf is probably one of the chicest shopping places ever and I visit the shoe department to try on some killer heels. They have alllll the good labels sitting there right next to each other.

Tip: Bergdorf is at the lower end of the Central Park. So you don’t have to go out of your way to visit it  or even Bloomingdales – You can easily drop by for a few minutes before heading to the Central Park for a picnic (yes, I had a picnic on my 21st birthday at the Central Park – And I felt very American;))



I don’t have to tell you that visiting the Times Square is always a must. I love to be part of the whole energy of this place and also I love to check the fun stores around this place. There is a Toy’s R Us store which has a roller coaster in it and I always enter the M&M flagship store and the Hershey Store – Normally you will get a nice chocolate treat when entering!;)

Tip: Try some new flavors at the M&M store. They have all different colors and flavors – But be warned, they will charge you more than expected! 😉



I’m afraid I have no proper picture of Century 21 even though I’ve already hit the place quite often. At first glance Century 21 is just overwhelming and they sell just about everything, it’s not easy to get an overview. BUT if you are a bargain hunter, Century 21 might just be your version of paradise. I once spend hours here, ending up with a vintage coat, a Balmain leather blouse and a pair of Adriano Goldschmidt jeans which all cost less than 20% of their original price.

Tip: when you are in NY during sale they often offer up to 75% on the already very good prices they are selling at – It’s the best!



Close by the Times Square you will find Hell’s Kitchen. This part of Manhattan is fuuuuull of restaurants and it will offer you a variety of different foods. We tested Island Burger and Shakes the last time we’ve been to NY and I loved the goat cheese salad.




  1. 13. March 2016 / 22:31

    These places look all so yummy! I’ll definitively try out each of them when I’m gonna be in NYC!! I love the pictures they’re just amazing:) Thank you so much for sharing.
    xx, Carmen – http://carmitive.com

  2. Leonie
    14. March 2016 / 3:11

    You are veeeeery welcome <3

  3. Marion
    14. March 2016 / 8:13

    Sehr schöne Fotos! NY ist eine super Location.

    Liebe Grüße,
    Marion 🙂

  4. 14. March 2016 / 13:31

    Toller Post und spannende Insights. Für den nächsten NY Trip muss ich auf jeden Fall den ein oder anderen Tipp beherzigen. Vielen Dank dafür!

    Liebe Grüße,

  5. Caterina
    14. March 2016 / 14:10

    Toller Beitrag. So vieles erinnert mich an meine erste Reise nach New York. Die Fähre nach Staten Island ist wirklich toll vor allem der Blick auf Manhattan. Und an die Feuerwehr kompetition erinnre ich mich auch noch zu gut. Bei meinem nächsten Besuch in der Stadt muss ich den cupcake ATM ausprobieren. Coole Idee.

    LG Caterina

  6. 15. March 2016 / 16:35

    Hört sich alles super toll an! Ich möchte unbedingt auch mal nach NY und werde dann deinen Travel Guide sicherlich zu Rate ziehen. Danke für die Tipps! 🙂

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    Krissisophie von the marquise diamond

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    Vielen Dank für die vielen Tipps! Wenn ich bald endlich in New York bin werde ich den Beitrag wieder rauskamen 🙂
    Hättest du nicht auch noch ein paar Ideen für Paris? Ich bin für zwei Monate hier und würde mich total über einen Post zu Paris-Locations freuen!
    Liebste Grüße,

  8. Lina
    15. March 2016 / 21:44

    Da bekomm ich direkt noch mehr Lust auf NY!
    Deine Tips schreib ich mir gleich raus, warte schon die ganze Zeit auf den Artikel 🙂
    Danke für die tollen Infos! :*

  9. Jenni
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    Super tolle Fotos!!! Ein Traum. New York steht auf auch noch ganz oben auf meiner Travel-Wunschliste 🙂
    Liebst Jenni

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    Uii da freu ich mich ganz doll! Werde ab jetzt auch IMMER Travel Tipps veröffentlichen<3

  11. Leonie
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    Huhu Liebes, hab ich mir direkt notiert und mach mich ganz bald an die Arbeit <3

  12. Marlena
    18. March 2016 / 16:28

    New York is on my bucket list for sure!!! love this post so much!

    i just wonder how you can eat so many sweets and you still so slim??? any tricks?


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