Ohh Thailand – Instagram Travel Diary

Ohh Thailand – Instagram Travel Diary

We could call it #Instatravel #Thailand #Picsofthejourney! 🙂


My dear friends of colorful pictures,

During our travels in Thailand Anna and I covered quite a few destinations: Chiang Mai – Railay (Krabi) – Khao Sok – Koh Phi Phi – Koh Lanta – Ao Nang (Krabi) – Bangkok! Most of the time we had very little wifi access (and you can imagine – we really tried to get online!:)), but at least we shared some pictures via Instagram and I would like to share these pictures and stories behind with all of you, regardless whether you have instagram or not!:)

I hope you find some inspiration!:)

Yours Leonie aka #Instaleonie

Meine lieben Freunde von bunten Bildchen,

Anna und ich waren während unserer Thailandreise recht fleißig! In den drei Wochen haben wir folgende Route abgeklappert: Chiang Mai – Railay (Krabi) – Khao Sok – Koh Phi Phi – Koh Lanta – Ao Nang (Krabi) – Bangkok. Die meiste Zeit hatten wir keine wirklich funktionierende Internetverbindung (und wir haben wirklich alles probiert!), aber wenigstens konnten wir hin und wieder ein Bild über Instagram teilen. Und diese Bilder und dazugehörigen Geschichten möchte ich jetzt gerne im Form eines kleinen “Fotoalbums” mit Euch teilen, unabhängig ob ihr Instagram habt oder nicht! 🙂

Ich hoffe die Bilder bringen ein wenig Inspiration und Urlaubsstimmung mit sich! 🙂

Eure Leonie aka #Instaleonie

I’m sooooo excited – can you make a guess on what my best friend Anna and I are about to?
(Packing our bags in order to head to the airport, Hamburg)

Savely arrived in our beloved Thailand – First stop Chiang Mai! I looove love love our colorful plane and of course my best friend Anna!
(Anna boarding the aircraft to Chiang Mai! We had great fun during our flights with Bangkok Airways since they have a funny safety introduction video which includes dancing and singing stewardesses AND they serve free food for all (!!!)  passengers in their airport lounges, Bangkok Airport)

Take off your shoes and cover your legs with crazy colored pants – it’s temple time!
(Visiting the MUST SEE temples, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai)

So much beauty – this little Thai girl danced her way right into my heart
(Searching for souvenirs and food at the Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai)

For my first Selfie ever (!!!) I decided to take a mean one saying “hello peeps, see you later – I’m on my way to the pool”:)
(On the way to enter our tiny little hotel pool after a tough sightseeing day, Chiang Mai)

Isn’t that romantic? We went out on a dinner cruise on the Mae Ping River
(Having a love bird moment,  Mae Ping River in Chiang Mai)

The Bachelor? Well I’d rather take the Buddha’s pink flowers!
(Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai)

My picoftheday: these kissing elephants!  We spend the day in an elephant camp – we were trained on how to feed, ride and wash our elephant (Called Lady Gaga – no kidding!). It was scary, it hurt – but it was in unforgettable experience!
(Baanchang Elephant Park, near Chiang Mai)

My lovelies, I just blogged my first Thailand travel diary with my favorite pictures from Chiang Mai on www.ohhcouture.com – I hope you enjoy the pictures and the story behind
(Thai girl in traditional clothes in front of the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai)

And then we arrived in paradise…
(The first moment of relaxation after a tough journey (I mentioned it in my previous post!) from Chiang Mai to Railay (Krabi)! We made it to the beach to catch a beautiful sunset and enjoyed my beloved Rotee Pancake (details in Ohh Chiang Mai) and a delicious banana shake, West Beach in Railay)

Cheers – My favorite kind of starting a new day! 🙂
(Having a super hyper mega tasty banana shake at West Beach. By the way – I do love these shorts and Anna and I both bought them as a really really good bargain at Zara, Railay)


Blue sky and water + white sandy beach + huge rocks + longtail boats (selling food!!!) = looove! 🙂
(Enjoying our time at Phra Nang Bay – one of the most beautiful beaches around the area! Unfortunately it is quite famous and for that reason they bring lots of tourist by long tail boat, Railay)

In German commercials we would call that “FRUCHT-ALARM”!
(Well, I’m a total pancake addict and I have to admit I had to take them away for the picture because they were just not looking too good, BUT having a nice fruit shake, fruits and pancakes – that is probably the breakfast of my dreams. That’s not true. Add Kinderschokolade for the pancakes and we have perfection!, West Beach at Railay)

This is today’s “outfit of the day”!:) Tomorrow we’ll leave beach and pool and it’s getting adventurous again!
(I do really like pools with pretty views. At our hotel in Railay we had a nice little lake next to our hotel room. That’s not too bad! I do like a little lake and mosquitos love it as well. But Anna and I are a good team, especially when it comes to mosquito hunting! We get scary when we are practicing it!:) You can find more about the beach looks: here , Railay)

There is not even chocolate needed to make me jump into a stranger’s longtail boat!:)
(At Phra Nang Bay I accepted the offer to jump into a long tail boat to take a picture. Of course – you should never trust strangers. But as you can see in the background – the guy is not looking too scary. But he is showing teeth, isn’t he? That’s kind of scary, I admit…, Railay)

Just blogged a happy summer look on www.ohhcouture.com! And in case you miss the sun: keep in mind, that there’s always summer somewhere and the opportunity to escape to a warm and sunny place! 
(I was in a good mood, and I loved our beautiful hotel, BUT the weather was not showing too much effort – it was a “grey moment”!  You can find the outfit post: here , Railay)

Heeello, Anna and I spent the last two days in the jungle, sleeping in one of these little bungalows on the water! I’ll soon tell you more about all the crazy things we’ve experienced! But now I’m happy to be back in civilization! First thing I did was getting some chocolate ice cream – always focus on the important things in life! 😉
(There is just TOO much to tell you about our stay in the jungle. I felt like being part of the “Hunger games II” movie. And I obviously have to write a separate post about it for the travel category! It will be called “The jungle games – Tributes of Kha Sok”!;), Khao Sok)

After some really tricky trekking (we also had to swim through a cave – how scary is that?) we finally found a moment of rest and enjoyed the breathtaking surrounding! But now I’m excited to start island hopping tomorrow!:)
(Anna and I shared a cold coke and a wonderful moment surrounded by an impressive environment! You cannot really see it, but Anna is wearing an “ohh couture” shirt and I was pretty excited about it!:) , Khao Sok)

Good morning, Anna and I arrived at Koh Phi Phi and I finally get pencakes AND an ocean view for breakfast! Juuuhu!!! Enjoy your weekend!:)
(Anna and I had out first breakfast with beach view! It was a nice treat after our jungle adventures in Khao Sok, Koh Phi Phi Don)

After all my black beach looks – can you handle some crazy prints, cuts and colors?:)
(Some beach time at Koh Phi Phi island. You can find more about the beach looks: here , Koh Phi Phi Don)

Always embrace your inner child!!! I “used” Anna’s sunbathing moment to send some #love to you! 🙂
(We visited the “Lanta Sand Hotel” where Anna has already stayed with her family and I felt head over heals for this place! On the picture Anna was trying to get sun kissed skin and I was playing around in the sand. And the picture shows the combination of both activities!;), Koh Lanta)

I’m already missing my beloved ones at home. BUT who is going to prepare such lovely breakfast for me in Germany?:)
(I love this nice table cloth! And I do not have to mention it: loooove, loooove, love pancakes! We found this nice place to have breakfast next to our hotel, Koh Lanta)

Caution kids – I’m about to take over the pool! 🙂
(We had such a great time at the “Lanta Sand hotel” – it was not too crowded and we weren’t sharing the place with too many tourists. And do not worry – I would take away the children’s stuff. I guess I wouldn’t. But I would like to use it…!:), Koh Lanta)

Probably I should start my own little pink fruit shake company back in Germany!:)
(In case people at work are reading this one – I’m obviously not serious about this comment… Because I would never open a fruit shake company as a pancake company would be a way better idea!;) No worries, I guess it’s not really the million dollar business, BUT it looks cute! And you should really try the food they are selling on the streets – it’s soo cheap and just yumm!, Koh Lanta)

I was just looking for Nemo… seems like he brought some friends!:)
(Anna and I had a tour to visit THE BEACH at Koh Phi Phi Leh and we did some nice snorkeling, playing around with my GoPro. The camera can take fun pictures under water and we are also working on a video for you!:), near Koh Phi Phi Leh)

For our last beach day we went to THE BEACH – snorkeling, bathing and looking for Leo DiCaprio. You never know. 😉
(Too be honest, there are tons of tourist, but we were clever girls and took a picture somewhere where we could cut out all the people. This is famous Maya Bay where they were filming “The Beach”!, Koh Phi Phi Leh)

Always wear your invisible crown. Well, on holiday you can also wear a floral one!:)
(At the “Crown Lanta Hotel” – isn’t that matchi matchi!?, Kho Lanta)

Sneaky pool views. Doesn’t it look like an army of Ninja Turtels is watching me?
(Out last day at the wonderful island Koh Lanta)

Time to put my floral crown away and get ready for big city life again – Here we come BKK! 
(At the “Crown Lanta Hotel”, Kho Lanta)

To long beach? To Germany! I cannot wait to hug all my beloved ones and work on www.ohhcouture.com! See you soon!:)
(Picture taken on our way to the long beach at Koh Phi Phi Don)

My lovelies, I just arrived in Germany! Happy to be back home and already dreaming about places to get stranded next! ✈️♥️
(Picture taken at Koh Lanta! You might have figured – I’m wearing the same mixkini as on one of the pictures above!:))




  1. 4. April 2014 / 7:56

    Ach Leonie,
    das sind sooo sooo soo tolle Bilder.
    Ich sitze gerade an meinem Schreibtisch und mich kribbelt es vor lauter Reiselust!
    Meine Freundin und ich möchten auch gerne nach Thailand starten – aber im Sommer steht erst mal Schweden an!
    Bin im Juni im Hamburg … da kommst du nicht drum rum dich mit mir auf einen Kaffee zu treffen und mir das Geheimniss deiner Reisevorbereitung preis zu geben!
    Fühl dich gedrückt!

  2. Laura
    4. April 2014 / 11:54

    Oh wie wundervoll! Da möchte man doch direkt seinen Koffer packen…
    vielleicht kannst du mal einen Post zur Reisevorbereitung machen? Wie teuer so was ist, worauf man achten muss, welche airline usw. wäre super =)

  3. 5. April 2014 / 20:45

    Vielen lieben Dank für Deinen Kommentar – habe mich sehr darüber gefreut!:) Ehrlich gesagt bin ich ein ziemlich kreativer Chaot und bin daher keine gute “Planerin”!:) Ich buche immer alles über http://www.kayak.com! Die haben einen Preisvergleich für Flüge, für Hotels UND auch für Pauschalreisen! Und dann gucke ich bei Flügen einfach nach dem günstigsten Angebot und bei Hotels nach Preis UND Bewertung! Wenn Du aber noch weitere Fragen hast, kannst Du mir gerne nochmal eine Mail über http://www.ohhcouture.com/contact/ zu schreiben – dann versuche ich natürlich alles bestmöglich zu beantworten! 🙂
    Liebste Grüße und ich freue mich wirklich über jeden Deiner Kommentare! <3

  4. 5. April 2014 / 20:49

    Meine liebe Karla, ich freue mich SO von Dir zu hören! Und Schweden im Sommer ist doch wirklich eine gute Idee, Asien kann man sich auch gut für die ungemütlicheren Zeiten in Deutschland einsparen! Und ich schnacke natürlich gerne mit Dir, muss aber gestehen, dass ich wirklich keine gute Planerin bin 😀 Ich buche meine Reisen immer sehr nach dem Prinzip “Passt schon alles irgendwie” 🙂 In Thailand hatte ich Glück, dass meine liebe Anni so ein PRO ist! 🙂
    Ich drück Dich <3

  5. 18. April 2014 / 23:01

    I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire
    someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I’m looking to construct
    my own blog and would like to know where u got this from.

  6. 14. December 2014 / 16:38

    Hallo liebe #Instaleonie 😉
    Wunderschöne, inspirierende Bilder. Wie immer strahlt jedes Foto so viel Lebensfreude aus und das ist auch einer der Gründe, wieso ich deinen Blog so unglaublich gerne lese. Ich war noch nie in Südostasien, weiß aber, dass es mich ganz sicher irgendwann dorthin verschlägt. Deine Bilder haben mich letztendlich noch einmal darin bestärkt. Wie du siehst – sie bringen ganz viel Inspiration und Urlaubsfeeling mit sich.

    Beste Grüße,

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