Dubai Travelguide

Dubai Travelguide

Despite the fact that I am fairly well travelled and that I have had several stopovers in Dubai on my way to Asia, up until December 2017 I had never actually left the airport in Dubai before! So when Dubai Tourism spontaneously invited me to be part of an international project with bloggers from all over the world, of course, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The project was all about discovering this spectacular city and capturing the highlights on camera – does that sound like the perfect job or what?!



The Raffles – The Palm
This time we stayed at Raffles The Palm for the first time Ad we were in desperate need of some sun and morning dips in the sea! I loved our room with Dubai views and beautiful interior! We went to the beach almost every morning and moon and would stay until Sunset. I loved walking along the beaches at The Palm to keep my body moving and soaking up the sun and fun Dubai views. We tried two restaurants at The Raffles – Matagi (Japanese) and Piatti by The Beach (Italian) which were both outstanding! See more in my Dubai food guide (here).

One & Only Royal Mirage

The first time I stayed at the One & Only Royal Mirage, it completely took my breath away, especially the amazing Arabian Courtyard. The hotel is huge and has amazing facilities including 8 restaurants and 3 pools, but I spent most of my relaxation time at their private beach area because their beach umbrellas are so cute and the skyline view from the ocean is incredible!

Bvlgari Resort Dubai

If there’s one thing Dubai knows how to do, it’s luxury – and the Bvlgari Resort is no different. They even have their own Yacht Club overlooking the harbour, which brings an almost Mediterranean vibe to Dubai! The design of the Bvlgari is completely different to the One & Only Royal Mirage as it’s much more modern, but I honestly love both hotels and appreciate their differences!


Burj Khalifa

Dubai is a city of skyscrapers – or should I say THE city of skyscrapers?! The best-known example is the Burj Khalifa. At 828m it’s the highest building in the world by far! We were lucky to be taken all the way up to the 148th floor by Dubai Tourism (Surprise: also the highest outdoor viewing platform in the world ;)). From there you have an amazing view over the city that makes all the other skyscrapers look as if they are far from scraping anything at all. One advantage of being on top of the world is that the view is paired with canapés in Dubai! ;). We also went to the 124th and the 125th floor, which are much more crowded but worth the money if you ever visit this amazing city!!

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is the stretch of white sand tickled by waves that runs along Dubai’s skyline. Many luxury resorts are placed here such as the Burj Al Arab, which I’ll talk a little more about later on. Despite all the luxury hotels, Jumeirah Beach also has a section that is open to the public, so everyone can hang out and jump into the waves. When you’re standing on the beach you are basically surrounded by the skyline (and palm trees and the sea)! We came here before sunset to watch the sun going down, reflected in both the waves and the glass towers – it was simply magical!

Dubai Old Town

Desert Safari

You definitely shouldn’t leave Dubai before you have been to the desert. While the glass-filled city is all about modernity and entertainment, the desert is vast, it’s all about silence and getting lost. Here, you can also get more of a sense of Arabian culture. Desert safaris are relatively inexpensive and usually include the jeep ride, as well as a local meal with entertainment at one of the big camps. I am fascinated by desert landscapes and it’s a dream of mine to repeat this experience one day. Maybe I’ll even spend a night in one of the incredible desert camps. Hopefully, that dream will come true sooner rather than later (I might already have a loose plan ;))!

Dubai Mall

We also stayed in a hotel right above the Dubai Mall which meant that some of the best attractions – like the Burj Khalifa and the water fountains – were only a couple of steps away. But the mall is actually an attraction itself, featuring over thirty cafés (you know how crazy Alex and I are about coffee) but also an aquarium! We got our ticket at night so that we were able to visit the aquarium super early the next morning before most of the tourists arrived. It was a surreal feeling to be basically all alone in there (aside from the fish, including more than 300 sharks and rays ;)).

Miracle Garden

When I started doing research for Dubai, I came across the Miracle Garden and knew I had to go there! It’s in my genes to love flowers because my mother is so crazy about her garden, she’s never happier than when she has soil under her fingernails!! I was so happy that the Miracle Garden didn’t disappoint in real life, the flowerbeds are so beautifully designed and decorated that I simply can’t compare it to any other park! Like with the aquarium, we came here early in the morning to avoid the crowds and it was definitely worth the shock of the alarm clock going off! 🙂

Helicopter flight

In November I went on the first helicopter flight in my life, and I love-love-loved it! Which is why I was head over heels when I heard that I would go on my second one not even three weeks later! This time the helicopter had doors, which made Alex feel much more comfortable, and there also was a safety briefing (in Panama people were much more laid back about that). We also all had to stand on a scale to make sure we weren’t too heavy for the plane and to distribute our weight perfectly on the available seats. Luckily the scale decided that Alex and I were supposed to sit in the front (I felt as if the Sorting Hat had called “Gryffindor”) and we had the best view! We started at the Palm, which was even more impressive from above, and circled the entire skyline! It was amazing!!! I would have stayed up there forever if they had let me (unfortunately it was against the safety regulations ;))!

Arab Water Boat

Our schedule was very packed and we barely had time to get back to earth (literally and metaphorically speaking) before we headed to an event. We travelled by boat, which was such a unique and fun way to see the city. I would definitely recommend it! Especially as the sea breeze feels so nice in contrast to the Dubai heat.



Brunch & Cake

One of my all-time favourite restaurants! I completely fell in love with this restaurant during my last trip to Barcelona and was excited to see that they just opened a restaurant in Dubai, too! You have to have breakfast here at least once during your stay! Their bowls not only taste amazing, they are sooo picturesque and colourful. Just as a warning: it’s super huge serving sizes so when Alex and I ordered to bowls and a savory dish, we had a hard time finishing it (but took rest for take-away!). If the dish is not vegan, ask they for a vegan alternative and they are very nice and will make it work!

Single Fin Café

The best breakfast I had in Dubai and a true hidden gem! The cute place reminded me of Bali as their café is inside a surf shop! The restaurant was packed with expects and surfers and had such an amazing and fun atmosphere. The food and overall vibe made me so happy that I almost wanted to keep it all a secret (this is actually the first time I’m sharing the name ;)), but of course, I had to share it with you guys in the end ;).


Another great brunch spot, because you can never have too many! The interiors here are so fun and the huge neon sign ‘don’t kill my vibe’ tells you all you need to know about the atmosphere. They had so many acai variations but I still prefer the both breakfast spots above!

Wild & The Moon

If you’re craving for a yumm and easy vegan snack: my favorite superfood chain from Paris also has some restaurants in Dubai so you can always get their delicious acai with crunchy Granola, banana cake or one of their amazing colourful lattes!

Comptoir 102

One of my absolute favorite spots for food in Dubai is Comptoir 102. This café is also a beautiful little shop and you can hide from the the business of a big city in this little oasis. I came multiple times and loved the vibe and food!



A view I had fallen in love with while researching was the one from the beach looking at the sea, the blue sky, and the white sail-like Burj Al Arab. Alex and I went to get something to eat at the Shimmers – a restaurant situated right on the beach with that exact view! Unfortunately, it was very stormy when we went, and the food (plus me!) were nearly blown away!

Burj Al Arab

The first time I properly visited Dubai, we went for dinner at the Burj Al Arab one night which was a super exciting experience. Before I started working on the blog I had never eaten (let alone stayed) at a four-star hotel before! So you can only imagine how curious I was to find out what the restaurant of a 7 star hotel would be like.

On my first amazing trip to Dubai our schedule was so packed that when I looked over the pictures again, I couldn’t believe everything that we had done!! There is definitely no other place in the world quite like Dubai and even though I have now been back a few times, I still can’t wait to go again! xx Leonie

Old but gold, below you can find some old Dubai pictures I took over the years! 🙂 <3



  1. 14. January 2017 / 16:12

    Wow was für eine beeindruckende Stadt. Hat wirklich Spaß gemacht, deinen guide zu lesen. ♥

  2. 14. January 2017 / 16:34

    Ah… Dreamy and heavenly photos/ post as always! I hope to visit Dubai this year, it’s been on my wish-list for a while. 🙂

  3. 14. January 2017 / 17:01

    Der Miracle Garden ist wie gemacht für dich und eure Bildsprache 😉

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

  4. 14. January 2017 / 18:34

    Great Post and all your pictures are beautiful !

  5. Jennifer
    15. January 2017 / 0:56

    Dubai looks so fun and relaxing. I would love to visit there some day. 🙂

  6. Ela
    15. January 2017 / 2:23

    Loving these pictures so much. I’ve been in Dubai before and want to go visit again so badly.
    Thanks for your awesome blog posts, so inspiring 🙂

    Ela of <3

  7. 15. January 2017 / 7:57

    Wie perfekt deine Bilder sind:) Und danke für die vielen tollen Tipps! Wenn ich mal nach Dubai gehen sollte, werde ich die berücksichtigen. Liebe Grüße, Leonie von

  8. Frances
    15. January 2017 / 11:57

    Wow all of your pictures from Dubai are so beautiful! I have always wanted to go! xx

  9. 15. January 2017 / 15:23

    Danke für die wunderbare Info über Dubai, diese Fotos sind einfach der Hammer, wunder, wunderschön!
    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag und ganz liebe Grüße an dich

  10. 15. January 2017 / 16:47

    Bisher habe ich auch immer nur den Flughafen von Dubai gesehen 🙂 Aber gerade der Miracle Garden schaut sooo toll aus <3 Und ein Trip in die Wüste ist wirklich ein Muss, so schön waren die Bilder!!!
    Liebst Kathi

  11. 15. January 2017 / 20:06

    So viele wunderschöne Bilder! Einfach nur traumhaft! <3
    Dubai steht für dieses Jahr auch auf dem Plan, da kommen ein paar Tips sehr gelegen :))

    Liebe Grüße Su

  12. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:27

    Das freut mich, dass er dir gefallen hat! <3

  13. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:28

    Thanks, my dear! I hope you’ll find the time to go!

  14. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:28


  15. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:28

    Thank you!!

  16. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:29

    Thanks! <3

  17. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:29

    Danke, Elli!! <3

  18. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:29

    Thanks, Ela! 🙂

  19. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:30

    Danke! Das freut mich immer zu hören! 🙂

  20. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:30

    Thanks! I hope you’ll find the time one day! 🙂

  21. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:31

    Danke schön! Ich wünsche dir auch einen guten Start in die neue Woche!

  22. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:31

    Danke, Kathi!

  23. Leonie
    16. January 2017 / 10:31

    Danke schön <3

  24. Caterina
    16. January 2017 / 13:35

    Super schönee Bilder. Vor allem die Bilder aus der Wüste sind toll. Wir haben uns jetzt erstmal gegen Dubai und für die Seychellen entschieden, aber Dubai steht auf meiner Travel Liste ganz oben.

    LG Caterina

  25. 16. January 2017 / 13:42

    Mega schöne Beitrag! Dubai steht auch auf unserer Liste für dieses Jahr, da werde ich dann wohl nochmal zurücklesen 🙂

    Liebe Grüsse
    Sylvia Foto/Reisen/Lifestyle

  26. 16. January 2017 / 13:47

    Der Beitrag ist toll und die Bilder erst, ein Traum! Ich war vor 2 Jahren auch in Dubai und fand die Stadt total faszinierend. Man kann Stadt und Strandurlaub perfekt verbinden und es gibt so viel zu sehen. Ich muss unbedingt nochmal hin, denn alles anschauen konnten wir in einer Woche nicht.

    Liebe Grüße aus Nürnberg

  27. 16. January 2017 / 14:33

    Dubai steht auch auf meiner Reiseliste. Du hast dort echt richtig schöne Fotos gemacht. 🙂

    Nur höre ich immer wieder, dass es doch etwas “gefährlicher” ist. Kannst du dazu etwas sagen? 🙂


  28. 16. January 2017 / 16:30

    I’m in love with your last picture <3 dreamy!

  29. 16. January 2017 / 18:57

    WUNDERSCHÖNE Bilder liebe Leonie!
    Jedes einzelne Foto ist einfach perfekt- am besten gefällt mir der Miracle Garden 🙂
    Meine Bucket List hat sich gerade um ein Ziel erweitert ;-P
    Liebe Grüße

  30. 16. January 2017 / 21:53

    Liebe Leonie,

    was für eine unvergessliche Erfahrung!
    Leider bin ich noch nicht dazu gekommen in diese atemberaubenede Stadt zu reisen, was völlig außer Frage dringend nachzuholen ist!
    Die Bilder sind traumhaft. Um die Wüstensafari beneide ich Dich wirklich absolut brennend und die herrlichen Blumen im Miracle Garden möche ich auch unbedingt sehen!
    Danke für diese fantastischen Eindrücke!

    xo, Rebecca

  31. 17. January 2017 / 21:42

    Wow! Die Bilder sind der absolute Wahnsinn! Sie sind wunderschön und total beeindruckend – du siehst natürlich auch immer mega gut darauf aus. <3

    Dubai ist so eine beeindruckende, spannende und unfassbar schöne Stadt. Ich war über Silvester 2012/13 mit meiner Mama auf AIDA auf einer Orient-Kreuzfahrt, bei der wir von Dubai aus gestartet und dort auch wieder angekommen sind. Der Orient ist so schön und spannend und besonders Dubai hat mir sehr gut gefallen, auch wenn wir dort nicht so lange waren.
    Die Dubai Mall ist echt hammer, so riesig und dann das tolle Aquarium! Der Burj Khalifa ist total beeindruckend und wir haben ihn (so wir ihr) nicht komplett auf ein Foto bekommen, weil er einfach soo hoch ist. Oben waren wir leider nicht.
    Aber ich möchte sowieso auf jeden Fall nochmal nach Dubai. <3

    Nochmal zu den Fotos: Die sind so wahnsinnig schön! Ich wollte gerade aufzählen, welche mir am allerbesten gefallen, aber das wären dann viel zu viele geworden, haha. 😀
    Auf jeden Fall ist das am Strand und das im Aquarium toll und die ganzen Bilder mit der hammermäßigen Sicht auf die Stadt sind mega. Das von dir unter Wasser ist sicherlich mit einer GoPro entstanden, oder? Es ist auf jeden Fall TOP!
    Aber wie gesagt, die Bilder sind alle ON FLEEK, wirklich! <3

    Ich würde dank dir am liebsten direkt meinen Koffer packen und ab nach Dubai.

    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Krissi von the marquise diamond

  32. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 10:54

    Oh wie toll! So eine Kreuzfahrt durch den Orient muss auch wunderschön sein! Danke für all deine lieben Worte! <3 Das Foto Unterwasser ist von außerhalb des Pools mit einer normalen Kamera fotografiert - der war ja so verrückt aus Glas 🙂

  33. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 11:16

    Die Seychellen sind bestimmt auch wunderschön! Da muss ich auch auf jeden Fall noch hin! 🙂

  34. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 11:17

    Wie toll! Dubai lohnt sich auf jeden Fall! 🙂

  35. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 11:18

    Ich hatte auch das Gefühl, dass wir das Programm von mehreren Wochen in wenige Tage gesteckt haben! Schon verrückt, wieviel Zeit man in dieser Stadt mit Erkunden verbringen könnte! 🙂

  36. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 11:22

    <3 <3 <3

  37. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 11:22

    🙂 Schön, dass sie dir gefallen haben! Der Miracle Garden war tatsächlich so besonders!!!

  38. Leonie
    19. January 2017 / 11:23

    Danke, Rebecca! Freut mich zu hören, dass dir die Bilder gefallen haben und ich kann dir Dubai nur ans Herz legen!

  39. Rhea
    19. January 2017 / 17:03

    I love your photos they are amazing!! May I ask what camera you use?? 🙂

    Rhea x

  40. 20. January 2017 / 17:36

    Was für traumhafte Bilder! Ich war selbst schon in Dubai und hab ganz klar den Miracle Garden verpasst. Für einen Abstecher in die Wüste hat es nicht mehr gereicht, aber die arabische Welt hat uns auf ihre Weise so fasziniert, dass wir bestimmt wiederkommen werden. Tolle Tipps! 🙂


  41. Leonie
    23. January 2017 / 21:03

    Und es ist ja auch vergleichsweise easy nach Dubai zu kommen! Bei dem Wüstentrip würde ich aber wirklich gucken, was für einen Anbieter man bucht! Ich hätte mir ehrlich gesagt ein etwas “authentischeres” Erlebnis gewünscht… 😉 <3

  42. Leonie
    23. January 2017 / 21:14

    We use the Canon 5D III <3

  43. Lola
    24. January 2017 / 8:50

    Wonderful blog and great pictures! What is the name of the hotel where you took these pictures in Pool? xoxo

  44. Leonie
    24. January 2017 / 16:53

    It was the four seasons (I guess ;)) <3

  45. Alina
    31. January 2017 / 22:16

    Traumhafte Bilder
    Wie bearbeitest du sie? Fals du sie auf dem Laptop bearbeitest hättest du noch ein paar Tricks auf dem Handy?

  46. 1. February 2017 / 12:10

    Such stunning pictures! <3 This makes me want to visit soon 🙂
    Love from India

    Tanvi || The Duskess

    2. February 2017 / 15:13

    Amazing photos, makes me want to pack and leave to Dubai!:))

  48. Leonie
    2. February 2017 / 22:19

    Huhu Liebes, ich nutze immer Lightroom und auf dem Handy ist Snapseed meine liebste App. Dort kann man toll aufhellen und die Farben ein bisschen schöner machen! Aber Lightroom ist mein liebstes Programm! <3

  49. 30. May 2017 / 12:40

    Great travel guide for Dubai with beautiful Pics. Will definitely share it with my friends who plan to visit Dubai.

  50. Leonie
    30. May 2017 / 21:38

    That’s great! I hope they find it helpful! 🙂

  51. Leonie
    1. June 2017 / 16:21

    There are plenty of Europe posts coming up since I looove the European summer and it is just getting started. There are many Europe posts online, you can click on the TRAVEL link on top of the page and choose a destination that I have written about. Also, there is a new Venice travel guide coming up in the next days! Hope you find what you are looking for! 🙂

  52. 3. June 2017 / 7:13

    Simply wow! Dubai has to be on your bucket list for sure. Had been to Dubai 6 months back with my fiancee really had a great time out there. Desert safari was the one adventure I was thrilled about,. your pictures have turned really fantastic and have to say Leonie you looking so pretty.

  53. Leonie
    6. June 2017 / 16:22

    Aww, that is so nice of you! Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it there, too!

  54. Marina
    16. July 2017 / 9:25

    Liebe Leonie,
    wir wollen an Silvester dort hinfliegen und deine Fotos haben mich absolut davon überzeugt – danke für die tollen Eindrücke! In welchem Hotel seid ihr gewesen?
    Liebe Grüße,

  55. Leonie
    16. July 2017 / 12:22

    Huhu Liebes, hmm… ich erinnere den Namen grade gar nicht – Das Hotel war direkt in “The Mall”! <3

  56. 9. October 2017 / 22:55

    Looks beautiful, but honestly, isn’t it disrespectful to the culture to be wearing shorts and dresses that short? Don’t get me wrong, you look stunning and so fashionable, but I think it’s giving a false impression of the restrictions on women’s dress.

  57. Leonie
    17. October 2017 / 15:21

    Hi dear, we’ve been in our group of European bloggers and I feel like Dubai is by far the most open place in UE. There are places where I would definitely cover up (and I always had a big light scarf in my bag), but for some of the very touristy places, you are very free in deciding what you would feel comfortable wearing. <3

  58. Lulu
    19. December 2017 / 2:47

    Your photos are beautiful, it brings back childhood memories for me!

  59. Lisa
    5. February 2018 / 8:33

    Hallo Leonie, kannst du mir vielleicht sagen, wo die weißen Kleider her sind? Besonders gefällt mir das, was du im Miracle Garden und auf dem Burj Khalifa getragen hast.

    Liebe Grüße Lisa

  60. Leonie
    6. February 2018 / 12:22

    Hallo Liebes, die sind leider uralt von Freepeople (die Brand gibt es bei Asos!) <3

  61. Hannah
    2. August 2018 / 20:24

    Hi Leonie, I’m really interested in going to Dubai around the end of December/beginning of January. What was the weather like?

  62. 9. October 2022 / 18:02

    Really appreciate your posting all of this on Dubai. Such an incredible place!

  63. 7. July 2023 / 21:59

    Leonie, good to hear that you finally made you way out of Dubai airport. Hope you had good time in Dubai city.

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