Monday Update #56

Monday Update #56

My, loves – this has been some exciting days and with six hours time difference and sooo much program, I wasn’t really able to write any blog posts… But here we go with a slightly delayed Monday Update! 😉


R E V I E W:

The last days I’ve been staying in the Hamptons with Revolve for #RevolveInTheHamptons. After being part of the #RevolveFestival squad during Coachella, I was happy to see the whole Revolve family again for a fun weekend in the Hamptons.
Unfortunately, Alex and I started the trip with a bit of bad luck. When we started our journey from Hamburg to New York, we had two extremely delayed flights and ended up running from one to the other aircraft during our stop-over in Düsseldorf, just to get told that there was a mechanical problem so for the second time in only one day we’ve been stuck in the airport for some additional hours before starting the long distance journey – Which seemed like enough time to get the luggage from airplane A to airplane B, but unfortunately, when we arrived in NY both our luggages were missing. It’s the third time this has happened to me, but the first time that I felt completely helpless. For the airline there was no luggage tracing counter so the only thing we could do is leave our names with a staff member who made a note on a piece of paper, not being able to give us a contact, a number or a rough idea where our luggage might me. The next three days Alex called every exciting number, never with any success. Alex got really frustrated and I felt a little lovesick, because I had sooo many personal items in my luggage which can not be replaced. Since I’m never at home, I carry most of my favourite pieces with me and as I’m a very emotional person, it was difficult for me not to be worried – It was such a weird feeling not knowing whether the luggage would ever be visible in the system again. After endless calls and our last desperate try to get some answers via social media, we finally got someone talking to us and after another 24 hours we got the confirmation that our luggage is still in the system and yesterday in the middle of the night during our last night in the Hamptons our luggage finally arrived! I was sooo happy and relieved and I was so thankful that I had some really nice girls with me on the trip who even borrowed me underwear. 😉

Despite being lovesick, the last days have been a fun adventure. Revolve rented an amazing property in the Hamptons and invited bloggers to celebrate some fun summer days. I don’t want to tell you everything since I’m sharing my favourite memories and all my outfits in the upcoming days, but there has been so many magical moments: The big closing party with Travis Scott performing and a fun crowd with even some of my fav Victoria’s Secret Angels, a sunset cruise with Haney and Forward as well as countless beautiful dinners. We kind of had program from mornings to nights and I guess I will need a night of good sleep to store and organise all the new memories.:)

P L A N S:

Right now I’m sitting in the airplane from NY to LA (wishing that my luggage will arrive ;)). I will be in LA for a few days for meetings and it will be a lot of fun since some of my favourite blogger friends either live in LA or are visiting LA at the same time. Afterwards we are heading back in order to be back home for my birthday! 🙂

N E W  I N:

I was sooo happy to have a big Revolve closet to get through these days of having noooo luggage at all with me and, therefore, I was wearing only new Revolve pieces the last days! My favourites have been a long white and a short playful Majorelle dress, a white asymmetric dress with fun ruffles and some cute Raye espadrilles. For LA I’m planning a little shopping trip since I love to browse around big apartment stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue! I hope you’ll have an amazing summerly week and biiiiig sorry again for the lack in updates! Kisses from the US, Leonie <3

*Postcards from Cinque Terre & the Hamptons <3

LAST CINQUE TERRE MEMORIESDRESS: Tiare Hawaii (similar here)

DRESS: Tiare Hawaii (similar here), SUNNIES: Ray Ban (here)

THE HAMPTONSHAT: Eugenia Kim (here or budget verion), DRESS: Storets (here), BASKET BAG: Muun (similar here), BAG: Chloé (here),SANDALS: Hérmes (here)

ESPADRILLES: Raye (here), DRESS: Privacy Please (here)

BATHING SUIT: Beach Riot (here)

DRESS: Lovers & Friends (here), ESPADRILLES: Raye (here)

DRESS: Tularosa (here), SHOES: Superga (here), BAG: Tory Burch (similar here), SUNNIES: Dior (here)

ESPADRILLES: Raye (here), DRESS: Privacy Please (here)



  1. 25. July 2017 / 22:58

    Oh Nein!! Wie ärgerlich ist das denn, dass eure Koffer zeitweise verloren gegangen sind! Ich wäre auch so traurig und ich nehme ja normalerweise nur meine “Urlaubssachen” mit. Bei dir ist das ja nochmal ne Nummer härter, da an vielen Sachen persönliche Erinnerungen hängen.
    Ich hoffe, ihr bekommt eure Koffer ganz bald wieder.
    Hoffentlich passiert das niiiiie wieder. Es freut mich, dass du dich anscheinend immer auf deine Bloggermädels verlassen kannst und die Zeit mit Revolve trotzdem noch wunderschön war!<3
    Allles Liebe,

  2. Natali
    26. July 2017 / 4:06

    Beautiful photo roundup! All of the locations are surreal and all of your dresses are simply majestic!

  3. Leonie
    26. July 2017 / 7:33

    Thank you, babe <3

  4. Leonie
    26. July 2017 / 7:38

    Danke für deine lieben Worte <3<3<3

  5. 26. July 2017 / 8:42

    Verlorengegangene Koffer sind nie gut und ist für mich der absolutE Horror.

    Die Bilder sind mal wieder super schön.

    LG Katharina

  6. 26. July 2017 / 14:34

    Ach herrjeeee.. das klingt leider echt nach einem kleinen Horror. Vor allem wenn einem nicht wirklich geholfen wird und man einfach komplett hilflos ist 🙁 Gut, dass ihr Eure Koffer doch noch wieder bekommen habt 🙂

  7. Kari
    26. July 2017 / 15:17

    So happy you found your luggage at the end!
    Can’t wait to see more photos of your Hamptons adventure!
    xo. Kari

  8. 26. July 2017 / 17:18

    Das hört sich ja nach einem super stressigen Beginn der Woche an! Schade das deine Zeit mit Revolve damit ein wenig in den Schatten gestellt wurde, aber ich bin sicher ihr hattet trotzdem eine unglaublich schöne Zeit 🙂
    Außerdem muss man sagen ist es auch ein wenig Glück, dass euch dieses Taschen-Unglück genau zu diesem Zeitpunkt passiert ist, wo du viele Blogger-Freundinnen um dich hattest, die dir Sachen (oder Unterwäsche) leihen konnten und dass du Klamotten von Revolve anziehen konntest. Bei einigen anderen Trips wäre das sicherlich blöder gewesen 🙂 #staypositive 😀
    Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich dir jetzt ganz viel Spaß in LA und genieße es, wieder Sachen aus deinem Koffer anziehen zu können, wenn er bei euch ankommt! 😉

    Alles Liebe
    Pauline <3

  9. 26. July 2017 / 17:48

    Oh love your pictures from the last few weeks look so beautiful! Sorry your luggage was last but so glad it was all resolved! 🙂 Looks like you had a great few weeks!

    Hayley xo

  10. Milena
    27. July 2017 / 10:58

    I’m so sorry to hear about your luggage issues! I’m similar to you and become really attached to my belongings, especially the ones that mean a lot and are really personal. So happy you got it back in the end! And so sweet of the other girls to lend you their things hehe <3 I loveeeee that photo of you and Xenia on the bike – so cute!


  11. Klara
    27. July 2017 / 20:29

    Meine liebe Leonie,

    das tut mir ehrlich leid für dich, dass dir das mit deinen Koffern passiert ist! Ich zittere auch jedes Mal bei der Gepäckausgabe, ob mein Koffer auch wirklich da ist, da ich auch schon ein ähnliches Problem hatte: bei mir hat jemand meinen Koffer verwechselt, sodass derjenige meinen hatte und seiner natürlich übrig blieb am Gepäckband – dazu muss ich sagen, dass es seeeehr unwahrscheinlich ist, dass so was passiert mit einem lila!!! großen Koffer??? Aber Gott sei Dank konnte derjenige nichts mit meinen Sachen anfangen ? und hat ihn der Airline zurückgebracht, die ihn mir daraufhin ins Hotel geschickt hat!

    Ich bin schon gespannt auf neuen Content ☺️

    Und wegen des Posts und der Zeit ist alles gut ^^ ich freue mich, dass es dir und Alex gut geht!

    Herzliche Grüße, Klara

  12. 28. July 2017 / 14:01

    Das hört sich wieder nach einer sehr coolen Woche und viel Spaß an! 🙂
    Euren Aufenthalt in den Hamptons habe ich auch schon auf Instagram verfolgt <3

    Liebe Grüße, Caro :*

  13. 1. August 2017 / 11:56

    Stimmungsvolles Post, wie immer wundervolle Fotos 🙂

  14. Leonie
    7. August 2017 / 8:36

    Awww, danke für deine lieben Worte <3<3<3<3

  15. Leonie
    7. August 2017 / 8:38

    Hihi, thank you babe <3

  16. Leonie
    7. August 2017 / 8:39


  17. Leonie
    7. August 2017 / 8:40


  18. Leonie
    7. August 2017 / 8:40


  19. Leonie
    7. August 2017 / 8:40

    I feeeeel the same <3<3<3

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