#ohhMaldives | Travelguide Maldives

#ohhMaldives | Travelguide Maldives

There are a few destinations on my bucket list which are dream destinations which seem to be out of reach. One of these destinations are the  M a l d i v e s.


I’ve always wanted to visit them and even though I consider myself a pro traveler ;), I always realized that the Maldives are not a destination you spontaneously fly to. The Maldives consist of twenty six atolls with more that 100 resorts on different islands. Therefore, if you want to go to the Maldives it, is about finding the island and the resorts which fit best to what you want to experience as visiting different islands or even exploring a local island is based on what your resort offers and sometimes it’s not possible at all. Maldives is a Muslim-majority country and the local islands are completely different to what you experience on a resort island. Also transportation between the different islands and atolls sometimes gets quite expensive and, therefore, the Maldives are a destination where you need some proper research or a really good travel agency. The happier I was that StopOverReisen designed a Maldivian experience for us, selecting four different resorts we experienced during our 10-day trip. During our trip I already shared some favorite pictures on my Instagram and on the @StopOverReisen Instagram account. As the islands and resorts were totally different, today’s post is about telling you more about the four resorts we’ve been staying in and giving you more information on how to get from A to B and what to take into consideration when booking the perfect Maldivian getaway. 🙂

HOW TO GET THERE: Some people feel like the Maldives are far away. I do think this feeling goes hand in hand with the fact that the resorts are on different islands and the islands are located in different atolls. Therefore, there are some resorts which are close to Malé but for most of the resorts there is some extra traveling involved. We booked a flight with Turkish Airlines from Hamburg to Malé with only one stop-over at Istanbul and it only took us about 13 hours to get to Malé. Luckily, someone from StopOverReisen was waiting for us at the airport and directly pointed us into the direction to the domestic gates. We had less than an hour until boarding, but the airport was small and they were super relaxed at the check-in. It’s just important to bare in mind that you are only allowed to take 23kilograms with you on the domestic flights – Especially since Turkish Airways allows 30 kilograms (isn’t that amazing ;)?!) and, therefore, you might feel tempted to bring allll your summer clothes.;) As our first three hotels were located at Baa Atoll we had to take a domestic flight of another 20 minutes and I can guarantee: You’ll have the best view ever. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the blue and turquise water and all the little islands.

WHERE TO STAY: We’ve been staying at the Reethi Resort, the Amilla Fushi, the Dusit Thani and the Baros Maldives and each island was totally different. This island itself, the resort, the kind of traveller and the whole atmosphere. As I’m traveling a lot and I’m very sensitive for vibes (I like easy, chilled, flexible and positive vibes ;)) I had a complete different feeling for the different resorts and, therefore, I’ll show you my favorite pictures from the different resorts and tell you a little about the resorts below.

WHAT TO DO: The Maldives are probably the most romantic place in the world. White sand, turquise water, intimate bungalows so I understand 100% why the Maldives are the perfect destination for couples and for honeymooners. When you seek adventures seeking and you are always high on energy (hi, that’s me ;)) then it probably makes sense to visit Sri Lanka and stay only a few nights at the Maldives afterwards or do some island hopping so that you see and experience different things.  must on the Maldives is diving or snorkeling, trying some Maldivian food (OMG, so fresh and tasty) and trying at least one super romantic package. During our stay at Baros we had a sand bank breakfast and it was so special, beautiful and romantic that I had to fight my tears because everything was totally getting under my skin – It truly was an experience I would never want to miss.


  1. Don’t trust the time displayed on your mobile phone.😉 Your mobile phone will show you “Malé time” but most resorts have a different time in order to adjust to sunrise and sunset. When you arrive on an island, they will directly tell you whether the time is Malé time or Malé time plus one or even Malé time plus two hours. 🙂
  2. Summer time is Monsun time. I’ve been to Asia quite a few times and I have experienced Monsun times before. But when you are planning your perfect honeymoon, you should keep in mind that there is Monsun time from June – October. Prices are way better due to low season, but the water might be rough and it’s raining every now and then.;)
  3. There is no opportunity to go shopping at the Maldives. I love shopping. Not only for clothes but also grocery shopping. Your resort might have a tiny little shop, but there is nothing else you could go to in order to buy suncream, chocolate bars etc. Whatever you need for your vacay: take it with you to the island!
  4. Don’t bring alcohol. Even though you might pass a lot of duty free shops: Alcohol is not permitted on the Maldives and they do not have a lot of humor when it comes to alcohol. You can get some in the resorts (well, they have their own rules), but don’t make any last minute purchases during your stop-over.;)


– R E E T H I  B E A C H  R E S O R T  –
The Reethi Beach Resort was our first resort. The Reethi Beach Resort was the resort that reminded me the most of my Thailand travels. Everyone explored the island bare foot and there was one restaurant which had buffet in the morning and in the evening. The staff was partly Maldivian and partly German and it felt like most of the guest were Germans too. My favorite part of the hotel was the long wooden pathway to the island, surrounded by beautiful water. Reethi Beach is located at Baa Atoll and we could easily take to speedboat to drive to our next resort.





– A M I L L A  F U S H I  B E A C H  R E S O R T –
The moment I arrived at Amilla Fushi Beach Resort I was in love. When the speedboat dropped us, the resort manager and our villa host were already waiting for us. They handed us a yummy welcome drink during and we directly headed to our ocean reef villa. Amilla Fushi had this beautiful, positive vibe and even though the resort is a luxury 5plus star resort, the atmosphere was creative and inspiring. It was a totally different kind of concept compared to all the other resorts. A reason for that might be the Australian CEO who created a totally new concept. Next to the pool there was the dining area with different kind of restaurants you could choose of – Thai, Fish & Chip and even a pizza place. The food was trendy and I could decide what to eat first: pizza, a vegan dish or even jummy sweet potato fries. Amilla Fushi is home to different kind of celebrities and, therefore, the resort offers a spa with the healthiest dishes and a modern kind of fitness concept with bodyism practices etc. I felt really guilty as I didn’t even have sports shoes with me.;) I was also surprised by the big variation of villas. Based on what a guest loves, there were ocean villas, beach villas, fitness tree houses and even residences. The residences were something special about Amilla Fushi. As more and more couples are traveling together to the Maldives, Amilla Fushi offers Residences where you can live with four, six or even eight people. Kate Winslet rented a residence last year and wrote a wonderful review for the Conde Nast Traveller. When I was reading it I had to pinch myself that I’m so lucky to be able to stay at this amazing resort. The resort also scheduled a vine tasting and a fun snorkeling trip to the blue whole for us and even though I get bored so easily, there were too many options and I didn’t know what to do first.;) Every guest has a bike and, therefore, we spend so much time exploring the beautiful island and somehow the whole vibe reminded me of Tulum. I felt relaxed, happy and positive. If you are looking for luxury and (healthy) lifestyle – Amilla Fushi is the place to stay!





– D U S I T  T H A N I  M A L D I V E S –
We could see Dusit Thani every morning when looking out of the window at Amilla Fushi and it was only a five minute speedboat ride to get to our next resort. Did I ever told you how much I love Thailand?Yes, I guess probably a 100 times.;) Ever since I visited Thailand for the first time during my trip around the world, I’m taking every opportunity to go back. Dusit Thani is a Thai hotel chain and, therefore, Dusit Thani had the Thai hospitality I love so much. We were warmly welcomed by the hotel management and out villa host. After a short discovery tour we arrived at our ocean villa. Chocolate pralines were waiting for us and we directly had to dive into the crystal clear water. Again everyone of us had a bike and we explored the island before enjoying a dinner next to the infinity pool, watching the sun going down. We only had two nights at Dusit Thani but we were impressed by the hospitality and the food. For breakfast they even had some pancake art and I loved to be surprised by a little turtle or a butterfly pancake in the morning. Dusit Thani also has an amazing Thai restaurant which is located over the water and you can sit and enjoy your dinner in a very romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is rated among the top ten restaurants at the Maldives and I can clearly tell why.







– B A R O S  M A L D I V E S –
After the third resort we took the speedboat to the local airport of Baa Atoll and flew back to Malé. Conveniently, Baros Maldives is located close to Malé so you can directly go there by speedboat and it only takes you 20 – 25 minutes. We were picked up at the airport and when we entered the speedboat I was already overwhelmed by the luxurious and chic way of transportation.;) No matter where we went, everyone was telling us how much they love Baros and when we arrived, I could totally see why. Baros is a rather old resort, but it has been renovated recently and it was just breathtaking. It was exactly what you have in mind when thinking about the Maldives. The island used to be a coconut farm and therefore, the nature is breathtaking. As the island is very small, we could easily walk to our ocean villa. The villa was super chic, cozy and had a beautiful infinity pool with the perfect view. It might be due to the Monsun time and the weather – But I’ve never seen clearer and more beautiful water that at Baros Maldives. I was happy as a kid and Alex was making fun of me all the time because I could stop smiling. They had an amazing service and always surprised us with something new: A Maldivian buffet next to the ocean, fresh cookies every day, a romantic sandbank breakfast, a light lunch at a piano deck surrounded by water and a one of a kind dinner at the fine dining restaurant. And even though this place was a luxury resort, the atmosphere was amazing. We met a lot of cool, young couples and everyone seemed totally happy. All in all it totally is the perfect place for a wonderful honeymoon and as it is so close to Malé I could picture myself going back immediately (well, or after Monsun ;)).





Thank you StopOverReisen for being such amazing hosts. Without all your preparation and your helpful advice it wouldn’t be half the fun. If you are planning to go to the Maldives make sure to visit StopOverReisen.com and follow them on Instagram (@StopOverReisen) to get some inspiration on how your dream getaway might look like. They are true experts when it comes to the Maldives and can help you to design the Maldivian experience you want to have. xx Leonie


*In cooperation with StopOverReisen <3



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    thank you <3! We used the 50mm 1.4 for it :-)!

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