Weekly Update 2: How I ended up on Santorini!

Weekly update ending up in Santorini collage

Ok guys, a new attempt to share a weekly update with you. Still wishing for someone in my life who would help me to structure my work especially with being on the run so often. Speaking of that: While writing this, I’m in a small airplane on my way to Santorini and this is probably the craziest, most annoying and yet most spontaneous day I have had in years! But let’s start with a little review!



Last week I had the Dior backstage event in London, headed to Munich for an event with Intimissimi before boarding the airplane to NY for my first Veuve Polo Classics with Veuve and Fendi. It was my second time in NY within less than two months and to be honest: I love being in London so much at the moment, I almost didn’t enter the airplane, hihi. Especially during summer season I’m crazily in love with Europe and would love to pretend I’m una Intaliana.;) But the moment we arrived in NY, I loved it! Unexpectedly and against all odds, the weather changed completely and we had some fun days in NY. I stayed in Soho area for the first time which was such a good decision. Some of you might know that I’m such a foodie and most of my favorite restaurants were within walking distance: such a dream! By Chloe, Digg In, Sweetgreens, Dr. Smood and my fav the Butchers Daughter. We enjoyed the Veuve Polo classics with amazing weather and it was so lovely to meet blogger friends from all over the world and see the Polo game in front of the most stunning backdrop: the NY skyline! I was also quite excited about wearing a full Fendi look for the Polo Classics and loved the Video Veuve and Fendi produced of me and my homie Xenia.

After NY I headed back to my new hometown just in time for a fun event with My Theresa. MyTheresa celebrated the launch of their magazine ‘The Album’, which is more of a super cool coffee table book with arty photography and all these designer pieces a women would dream of having in her wardrobe. I inhaled ‘The Album’ and loved the visuals of Gia  Coppola and the exclusive interviews with some of my favorite designers! We spent two days in London with lots of meetings which we combined with testing lots of new restaurants.;) Told you, the food guide London is coming soon!



Why did I end up in an airplane to Santorini? Well, that’s such a good question and a good example of how crazy and time consuming traveling for work can be. Normally I only emphasis the good sides about the travels we have, but I can also tell you that sometimes it is honestly way more intense than one might think. So I share today’s craziness with you just to give you an idea!;) Alex and I had a few projects to shoot before heading to Paris and Italy for our next jobs and planned to fly to Venice. As the weather in Venice turned out to be really bad and Venice is not really made for lots of rain, we decided YESTERDAY to change all our plans and fly to Mykonos instead. We ended up looking up flight options from London to Mykonos and back to Hamburg half the night as the flights were complicated and expensive as all good options were sold out already. When we finally found good flights, the system didn’t allow a booking (I don’t know why – probably overbooked) and when we decided on a more expensive option, we also couldn´t book any seats and were afraid of looking at an overbooked flight. So we fell asleep being a bit confused and when waking up, one of the sold out flights for the same day was available again and I asked Alex to book it for us, thinking I could arrange everything and pack my luggage for our four upcoming projects in different destinations. Unluckily, we couldn’t check in or reserve seats and ended up being on the hotline too long instead of packing our luggage faster. With mixed feelings we took a taxi to Gatwick and got into the worst traffic jam which turned the one hour drive into a two hour drive and I spent the whole drive like a crazy little monkey checking Google Maps every two minutes just to find out that we would arrive at Gatwick too late. We tried anyways and – obviously – arrived too late. Comparable to the hotline, no one was very interested in our situation and after offering us the option to book us on another flight when waiting for one hour, they told us later that within the needed waiting time, all seats had been sold out for the next days, so they couldn’t offer us any other flight and couldn’t refund a single cent from our super overpriced flight. As we had our luggage packed with all our projects and we already took the two hour journey to Gatwick airport, we decided to be very spontaneous and go to the one place I know so well so that I might be able to book and plan our shootings in only a few hours time. We couldn’t buy the ticket, had to change terminals, needed to pay way more than displayed online and even had to charge a big amount for over luggage even though we booked a flexi Tarif just to finally sit in the airplane. But with all the luck we already had, it somehow couldn’t get better and we didn’t get a slot to fly, so we were stuck in the airplane for an extra two hours which means we will arrive in Santorini after midnight. I never complain about all the organizational craziness we have on a daily basis, I only wanted to share with you some insights in how it sometimes looks behind the scenes. Even though I was so excited about going to Mykonos, I love Santorini and feel very motivated to really create a cool Santorini guide for you (which is overdue!!!) and also I want to shoot some content that is different to all kind of Santorini content I’ve posted so far. Hope this challenge works well.;)

So far I haven’t planned anything for Santorini and I might even end up on a ferry to Mykonos tomorrow (depending on how much more travel craziness I can handle, haha) but after Greece I’ll be heading to Germany to celebrate my international PANDORA campaign with a Meet & Greet at the store in Hamburg at the Europapassage! After that I will head to Italy for a project, but I’ll tell you more about it next week!



Guuuuuys, I updated the boutique section with all the favorites I packed for Mykonos (fail, Santorini ;)) and I found some amazing pieces – See them all: here! I shopped at Net-A-Porter, Monnier Freres and Asos. At Net-A-Porter I shopped cool flowy pants with floral print, a cute striped bikini, white Staud top and cute white dress by LoveShackFancy. With Asos I shopped so many Faithfull the brand pieces. I love the value for money of Faithfull the brand and shopped flowy pants and summerly dresses. I also found the cutest straw bag and a cropped top and shirt which were such a good bargain. I can’t wait to shoot new outfits for you but you can already browse through my new favorites: here. I hope you all have an amazing week with lots of sunshine! xx Leonie





Dior Backstage, London




BELT BAG: Gucci (here), SHORTS: OneTeaspoon (here), TRAVEL BAG: Prada (here), SNEAKER: Louis Vuitton (here), BLOUSE: Posse (here)

Veuve Polo Classics, #VCPoloClassics

BAG: Fendi (here), DRESS: Fendi (here), HEELS: Fendi (here)

BAG: Fendi (here), DRESS: Fendi (here), HEELS: Fendi (here)

Two days in NY, New York

DRESS: Silvia Tcherassi (here), BAG: Rejina Pyo (here), SNEAKER: Roger Vivier (here), SUNNIES: Karen Walker (here), HAIR CLIP: Gucci (here)

BLOUSE: Silvia Tcherassi (on sale: here), BAG: Fendi (here), HEELS: The Attico (here)

BAG: Fendi (here), OUTFIT: Fendi (here)

Marble Arch, London

SNEAKER: Stella McCartney (here), PANTS: Mango (here), BLAZER: The Kooples (on sale: here), BAG: Valentino (similar here), BLOUSE: Posse (here)

MyTheresa ‘The Album’ launch, London
DRESS: Off White (here), BAG: Danse Lente (here)

Getting Calvi Ready, LondonKimono: Ba&sh (here), SHORTS: Ba&sh (here), BAG: Mango (on sale: here)

Festival vibes with Pandora, London JEWELRY: Pandora festival collection (here), BAG: Nanushka (here), SKIRT: Lovers & Friends (here), BLOUSE: Posse (here)

*This is not a sponsored post, but I tagged brands <3



  1. 21. June 2018 / 12:54

    I love that you’ve moved to London! I hope you’ve been enjoying it, its the best in the summer as you said! Have the best itm eon your travels!


  2. Leonie
    21. June 2018 / 16:12

    Awww, thanks so much babe <3 Someone told me it's so Lady Diana haha <3

  3. 29. June 2018 / 23:52

    Wow! what an amazing experience! I absolutely love the London look by Dior. It’s just stunning!

  4. 1. July 2018 / 0:54

    Love your photos! ❤️

  5. 3. July 2018 / 15:54

    That sparkly dress with the metallic boots, OMG! That is absolutely to DIE for! You always look flawless though! 🙂

    xoxo, Veronica
    Style & Travel Blog

  6. 6. July 2018 / 19:08

    Ohh, das sind echt wunderschöne Looks die du auf deinen Reisen getragen hast *-*
    Die Bilder sind auch mega geworden.

    Euer Reisetag hört sich echt extrem stressig an, aber ihr habt es im Endeffekt ja doch geschafft. 🙂

    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Krissi von the marquise diamond

  7. 30. July 2018 / 8:00

    Hey Leonie,
    bin gerade auf deinen Blog gestoßen – bin echt begeistert 🙂 sieht super aus!

    Du scheinst ja mega busy zu sein zur Zeit!
    …. ins Butchers Daughter könnte ich auch immer wieder gehen 😉

    Liebe Grüße,

  8. 4. August 2018 / 18:11

    Hello! I love your bubbly spirit and how you make the most of your experiences! And hey, if you’re still looking for that person to organize your crazy work/life…

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